About Christian Brands Directory

The Christian Brands Directory is the initiative of Ignite Christian Businessmen Fellowship covering directory of businesses and professionals who have verbalized their beliefs in Jesus Christ as the Son of the living God and have confessed that He is Lord over their lives, homes, and businesses. Membership is drawn from people who are not exploiting their Christian faith, but they are desiring to represent Christ in service to you.

The vision of this directory is the belief that Christians should support one another, and to make this possible we feel that there is a need for these businesses to be made known to the Christian community and the world at large. We believe that Christian businesses should be as competitive as other businesses in price, merchandise, and service as we all choose to deal justly knowing that a good name is better than silver and gold.

Ignite Christian Businessmen Fellowship, ICBF is non-denominational and the Christian Brands Directory is made up of Christian Businesses and Professional people from various denominations, though may differ in minor doctrines but agree that our personal faith in Jesus Christ and His Word is the basis of our fellowship.


The use of the Christian Brands Directory as a mailing or telemarketing list is considered an abuse of this publication. Any person, organization or company who decides to use the Christian Brands Directory as a mail list or telemarketing list is deemed to have accepted the following rates and become legally liable to pay the amount prior to, or subsequent to, such use; an amount of ₦2,000,000.00 to a charity or foundation nominated by the publisher for the use of the Christian Brands Directory as a mailing list or telemarketing list. These fees are rigidly enforced by the publisher. The publisher is informed by the advertisers herein of any such contacts.

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