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Listing your Business on Christian Brands Directory

Listing your business on Christian Brands Directory only takes less than 3 minutes. Create your account on the christian brands directory platform, verify your e-mail and add your business to the platform.

CBD gives you the opportunity to showcase your Church, Business, Event and Music to the world. We give you the opportunity to gain quality leads very quickly and also in thousands even if your brand is new by a regular share of informative contents of your brand where millions of people who require your services/products or would simply love to attend an event like yours can get across to you easily.

This Directory maintains accurate information for either churches, businesses, events or Music, You can identify and connect with these prospects by leveraging on our robust database.

So, if you want your business to grow, you are at the right place! CBD has got great packages for listing your business and advertisement for listing, user reviews and a lot more features that can help grow your business.

Below are specific directions on how to make any listing.

For Business Listing

 Step 1. Create an account: For this you will be required to input basic information about yourself or brand inclusive of your email and telephone. It requires that you have either email or mobile phone number, as a verification would be sent and you won’t be able to proceed without verification.

Step 2. Add a business: You would be required to select a listing package and from there be taken to a form where you would input all the necessary information, after which it would be cross checked and verified by the admin within 2 working days.

Step 3. Get Thousands of Leads. Sit back and relax and monitor your listing by seeing how many views each listing has gotten from the control panel.

Step 4. Grow your Business: Begin to see your business grow as CBD connects people to you by showcasing your business.

For Church.

If you want to list your church or branches of your church, you will be required to send an email to the content of the email must follow this format.

Church Name



Pastor Name

Tel Number


Church Address


State and Location

If you are sending more than two churches, please send via a Microsoft Excel document.

For Event.

If you want to list your event, after creating an account you can do so from your dashboard. All Events will be checked for Approval. Only events that conform to our moral and ethical standards would be accepted

Event Name




Date: - day/month/year


Event Description (should include contact information)

Attachment of a maximum of Three Images

For Music.

If you want to list your Music, you are required to send an email to for more information.

For Dating.

For dating, you are required to send an email to for more information


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